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It's suddenly all OUR fault

Nobody can deny that there are all kinds of problems in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region - terrorist supporting nations, a frantic scrabble for WMD, the overwhelming hatred of Jews, and the locus of a religion that spreads warfare wherever it goes.

A few years ago, the UN commissioned a study - the Arab Human Development Program - where the causes of these problems was determined to be because of the Arab nations themselves.

Well, at least for 2002 and 2003, anyway...

Sounds logical.

Now, we have the same report, issued on the same problems in the same locations, involving all the same players, written by the same guy, and issued by the same agency, and guess whose fault it is now?

The same people that the world usually blames - the United States and Israel.

What's the difference? Wheels has the 4-1-1 for ya...

More here and here...

Pajamahadeen, time to mount 'em up! Let's get this story out.

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