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You've gotta be kidding

I have to state - for the record - that I think that this is probably the worst idea since Greedo shooting first.

Then again, if the Dems run either Kerry (again), Babs Boxer, or the Hildebeest, they will definitely have their work cut out for them. None of the three is very popular in Middle America.

Kerry got about half his votes from people who were voting against Bush, and lost ground in almost every single one of the demographic categories.

Clinton is starting out with at least 40% of the populace who don't like her one little bit, and has the baggage of a philandering husband. (Think about allowing Bill to have access to the White House interns, but without the accountability.) She's going to have problems in her '06 reelection, too

But Barbara Boxer? The only reason she won re-election here in California is that nobody really ran against her, since it wasn't cost-effective enough to take her down. If she runs for President, her uber-liberal record (right up there with Kerry, Hillary, and Edwards) will make her easy fodder for a nation that is still swinging to the right, while running for the nomination of a party that is increasingly shifting left, thanks to Howard the Duck.

This smacks of the Donks hearing the 'Condi '08' rumors, and frantically scrabbling for a viable female candidate. Who's next? Barbra Streisand? (At least Streisand would be able to help pay for her own campaign...)

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