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It Might Come Down To Ohio

And if so, this is good news:

CINCINNATI (AP) - A federal appeals court has cleared the way for challengers to be present at polling places in Ohio, ruling early Tuesday that their presence on Election Day is allowed under state law.

A three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 to grant emergency stays of two federal judges' orders Monday that barred political parties' voter challengers in Ohio. The judges also consolidated the two cases.

The court said that while there is a strong public interest in letting registered voters vote freely, there is also "strong public interest in permitting legitimate statutory processes to operate to preclude voting by those who are not entitled to vote."

When I voted in early October I had to show ID. As such I simply refuse to believe that by simply making people show ID that that is in anyway disenfranchising. Anyone who says that it is is either an idiot or a crazy brain-dead leftist. Not that those terms are mutually exclusive.

The judges also said that smooth and effective administration of the voting laws means that the rules can't be changed in the hours immediately preceding the election.

Or after, for that matter. Not that the Democrats won't try again in this election (assuming Bush wins of course) like they did in 2000.

The dissent said the citizens of Ohio have the right to vote without the "threat of suppression, intimidation or chaos sown by partisan political operatives."

Someone get me that appelate judge's number so I can call him and ask him just how is it that making people verify their identies is in anyway analogous to having their vote supressed or them being intimidated. I'm sorry but if you are not eligible to vote, guess what? You shouldn't be voting. I suppose they don't teach logic and critical thinking skills (or, for that matter, common sense) in our nation's law schools anymore

Republicans wanted to put challengers in many polling places because of concerns about fraud with hundreds of thousands of newly registered voters in a state ...

And that argument was lost on the dissenting judge it seems. What was also lost on the dissenting judge is that for every fraudulent vote that is cast a legitimately cast vote is lost. And that is de facto disenfranchisement.

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